Appel à communication pour un Symposium à l'IEA 2021 de la Commission Jeunes Pratiques en Réflexion de la SELF


La Commission Jeunes Pratiques en Réflexion de la SELF lance un appel à Communication pour un symposium à l'IEA 2021 (International Ergonomics Association 21st Triennial Congress).

Ce symposium est intitulé "Issues and Perspectives in Engineering the Discussion on the Practices for Its Development and for Ergonomics: a Proposal for an Exchange from the French Speaking Ergonomics Society’s (SELF) Junior Practices in Reflection Committee".

Les objectifs du symposium sont de :

Organisateurs du symposium :

Alexis Chambel, Camille Bachellerie, Danie Jon, CamilleToulisse et Mirtha Mestanza.

Description du Symposium :

Since 2014, the Junior Practices in Reflection Committee of the French Speaking Ergonomics Society (SELF) has been setting up discussion spaces for ergonomics novices to debate and enrich their own practice and to meet other practitioners. This project was born out of the observation that there is no place to learn about the particular problems that recently graduated ergonomists may face. This initiative has given rise to new international developments, notably in Peru, where an office was established in 2018. For this symposium at IEA2021, we will present this work in more detail, both conceptually and practically. Furthermore, we are looking for similar experiences and spaces for junior practitioners or other initiatives deployed in the service of professionalization of new graduates.

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