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Appel à présentation de doctorants pour NDM 13

Posté par : Corinne Grusenmeyer,
le 04 Janvier 2017

Dear PhD students,

We are pleased to invite you to submit your paper to the ‘Doctoral Consortium Day’ at the 13thInternational Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM13), taking place at the University of Bath, UK on 20–23rd June 2017. This bi-annual meeting will bring academics and practitioners together to discuss real-world investigations of decision-making by practitioners in high-risk domains, examining their macrocognitive skills, sensemaking and expertise to perform complex tasks within organisations.

The Doctoral Consortium (19th June) will take place the day before the main conference (20–23rd June) to showcase the excellent research of PhD students who are studying and researching in the field of NDM. The purpose of the day is to create an interactive problem-solving session around the vexing issues of NDM research. A renowned panel of international experts in the field of NDM will provide feedback and field questions about your research. The Doctoral Consortium is designed to be a positive, friendly and supportive learning environment, and will be followed by an informal dinner in the evening.

If you are interested in submitting your paper for the Doctoral Consortium or would like more details, please visit the conference website: The deadline for submissions is 24th January 2017.
We look forward to seeing you in June in Bath!

Best wishes,

Doctoral Consortium Committee
Chris Baber, University of Birmingham, UK
William Wong, Middlesex University, UK
Nikki Power, Lancaster University, UK
Joel Suss, Wichita State University, USA


Stage M2 Neurosciences/psychologie cognitives, myBrain Technologies, Paris, 6 mois | Recherche Participants : Experts en UX/IHM - Thèse de doctorat